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  • Consultation and Planning

    Contact us by phone or through the Contact Form than you will be assigned a Personal Advisor or you will be redirected to our Partner. We make sure that in each case the standard of service will be at the same, high level. Cooperation begins with the analysis of the office activities, the tasks faced by the employees, and to establish priorities for the emerging concept that has protected the interests of the Investor. At this stage, there is often a rooms inventory for design purposes. If the customer wishes to leave some of the old furniture in the new interiors, we also help in the inventory of existing equipment. We are pleased to welcome our potential customers to visit the completed implementation. Here you have the opportunity to talk and exchange experiences with people who already work and are able to assess their own example of our activities.
  • Solutions

    Once we know the specifics of user activity, the time for the presentation of the solution has come. Due to the fact that we are the manufacturer of most of elements of the proposed solution, we can already at this stage fit your budget . This is an extremely important issue due to the fact that in the next stage, it turned out that the solution is not realistic and far beyond the established financial limits. This action allows you to avoid disappointment when the client has accepted and is already tied to the proposed solution, and is placed in a situation when you need to seek a compromise between the way to solve the problem and the costs of implementation. In such a case the work starts from the beginning.
  • Conception

    After the acceptance of the proposed solutions, the concept of office space development for selected rooms is created, in most representative way which reflect the nature of the future office interior. We possess high end level tools for photo-realistic visualization. The concept usually involves also deal with important details in the process of deciding on further co-operation, as the deadline, the mode and terms of payment, the possible ways of financing, etc. Financing: At the customer's request as part of the concept, in cooperation with our financial partners, we present a variant offer for financing project through leasing or other possible forms. Moving: help with relocation, it is an important element of the smooth settlement in the new office. Details are set individually.
  • Delivery and installation

    After signing the contract and arranging, we start completing your order. Typically, the largest part of the delivery are our products, and any comprehensive solution requires the use of a wide selection of products from our partners. Delivery and installation is based on the completed form drawn logistics, where marked are important determinants that may affect the quality and date of installation. On the basis of this information, we present a schedule installation. This document can serve the customer in order to monitor progress. All work is carried out by their own service teams to guarantee timeliness and reliability of the contracted services, an example of which are the numerous testimonials from our customers. Disposal of old furniture - following the concept of comprehensive services, recycle old equipment in accordance with the principles of environmental protection. The removal of such equipment is preceded by an analysis of the standard and the technical condition of the furniture.
  • Warranty service

    Customer Care does not end with the execution of a particular contract. Rarely happens that completed project does not result in further orders complementary. METRO guarantee the maintenance of the production for a period of 3-5 years, models and colors supplied furniture manufactured in our factory. Our customers are covered by the warranty program M48, which is assumed to respond to reported complaints for 48 hours.

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New office solution by metro

New office solution by metro

Today’s office must meet the increasing demands of their users. Many years of experience and fast growing industry has led to the belief thatthe uncritical reproduction of certain patterns, even those that are currently most at the time, rarely has a positive effect on the efficiency of theconceptual and operational staff. One of the most important aspects of any project is its competitive advantage, and this its taken directly from the people who create the company and have different needs due to the tasks they are dedicated.



In order to achieve the strategic objectives of the company: quality, functionality, ergonomics and outstanding aesthetics of our products, almost all presented in our service furniture is made in our factory.

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We are office furniture manufacturer. Our core business is manufacturing highly ergonomic, mobile, flexible in use and aesthetic office furniture. Executive, operational, reception desks, storage office furniture with different versions of materials, textures, colors and accessories, giving a huge range of possibilities .We know our clients by satisfying their needs for friendly and comfortable furnishing work enviroment. They appreciate our innovations. Our innovation is a decisive factor in choice of our furniture. Our innowation makes us stand apart from our competitors.We expand by building a strong brand on strategic markets a specially with VALUE FOR MONEY products. We are achieving this by improving our design, production and distribution processe

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