@SPACE partition walls have two basic functions. One of them is to divide OPEN-SPACE premises into individual work spaces...



Office partition system @SPACE has two basic functions. One of them is the division of OPEN SPACE rooms into individual work places, giving users the impression of intimacy at their desk, without forgetting the main message for this type of room, such as simple and quick communication between employees. The wall heights are chosen so that you can communicate freely with others in a standing position, while sitting you can hide from the hustle and bustle of the environment.

The second function is their operation as an acoustic panel, i.e. reduction of noise coming from the environment. @SPACE as acoustic panels, they absorb and diffuse sound, thanks to the upholstery materials. European standards stipulate that the noise level during office work should not exceed 55 -65 db, but these values ​​differ significantly depending on the purpose of the office space.


Upholstered wall system @SPACE as acoustic panels, it was tested assuming a three-sided covering of a single workplace (the front of the desk was fully upholstered, and sides with glazing from 140 to 160cm high). The tests were carried out in several different office rooms and in all cases the indications did not exceed the said standard.


It should be noted, however, that the acoustics of an office equipped with any acoustic screens also depends on the acoustic qualities of the room, noise level and the office furniture used.


@SPACE has upholstery material in the structure and colors that can be adjusted to most of the chairs available on the market. It is durable, has the necessary approvals and easily matches the color of other equipment (five colors in the basic collection).


@SPACE is assumed to be a lightweight construction with a minimum cross-section of filling elements for this type of solution, but allowing its rigidity to be used for mounting hanging cabinets. Hanging cabinets that can be mounted on the walls are an extremely effective way of increasing the document space so valuable for every employee.