fabryka mebli biurowych
The company has existed in its present organisational form since the beginning of 2003. The present organisation results from interdisciplinary experiences of the team that manages the company. Our joint knowledge on HR management, office work ergonomy, knowledge of technical features of basic materials shaping office space, combined with a flair for modern and functional forms, led to the launch of the METRO project. Creating objects used for arranging office spaces is our passion. Our ambition is to proportionally develop all aspects of activity in order to successively build a strong brand and our clients trust.


We know our clients by satisfying their need for friendly and comfortable furnishings. They appreciate our innovations. Our innovation is a decisive factor in the choice of our furniture. Our innovation makes us stand apart from our competitors. We want to expand our company by building a strong name in strategic markets. We are achieving this by improving our designs , production and distribution.



In order to achieve the strategic objectives of the company: quality, functionality, ergonomics and outstanding aesthetics of our products, almost all presented in our service furniture is made in our factory. Own production gives us the opportunity to care for the quality of our products at every stage of the investment process. In 2010-2011, we completed main stage of project for modernization of machinery and computerization of production processes. Currently, all major production steps are performed on the numberic managed machines from the network. The production process as the entire range of the company is certified and supervised by ISO 9001 guidelines.