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The data is indicative and depend on the individual characteristics of the user.


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Today’s office must meet the increasing demands of their users. Many years of experience and fast growing industry has led to the belief that the uncritical reproduction of certain patterns, even those that are currently most at the time, rarely has a positive effect on the efficiency of the conceptual and operational staff. One of the most important aspects of any project is its competitive advantage, and this its taken directly from the people who create the company and have different needs due to the tasks they are dedicated.

This does not mean, however, that the creation of space for office must reject any rules or patterns! Despite the individual needs of each group of employees, we can distinguish several common characteristics that may occur simultaneously or each of them separately. These features are the common denominator needs and provided an opportunity to create a methodology for project work.

NEW OFFICE SOLUTION – the concept of the program

Based on our many years of practice, as an results of environmental studies and scientific research in the field of ergonomics and the same office furniture industry a proprietary cooperation programme has been developed. Main task for this programme is to develop the most efficient way to solve the customer’s problems that confronts the reality on them daily basis office activity.

The result of applying the assumptions of the NEW OFFICE SOLUTION programme in the space development design is to build the concept of the interior in such a way that reflects the model of user activity. The idea here is primarily to get away from the belief that the office is a place where we have a permanent place of work, no matter what the task ahead of us. The new approach is able to freely choose a room or zone, which is adapted to the type of work we have to do at the time.

Example: During the day, we do all sorts of tasks, that require eg. isolation, the personal concentration, task group meetings, or hosting guests. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for a variety of task areas used for their intended purposes.

The basic division of task areas:

Once you know all the key features which must meet your new office, we equip them with furniture, which are tools for the implementation of the main. For that, we use a highly ergonomic, mobile, flexible in use and aesthetic furniture enriched with different versions of materials, textures, colors and accessories, which will get a huge range of possibilities.