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IN is the result of reflection on the function of modern office furniture. It turned us towards a product that has a light, modern form and unique flexibility. IN form follows the latest trends in contemporary design for office furniture. IN appearance in its assumption is a consequence of patterns were dominate bright, not overwhelming and light style. The collection is enhanced with additional features. IN distinguished by a rich selection of accessories for the organization of work on the desk. ORGANIZER system that can be successfully fitted with other furniture from our portfolio. Totally IN and ORGANIZER are multifunctional, highly ergonomic solution. Metal parts are made of high precision profiles, powder coated.

The main advantages of IN:


  • Timeless, modernist form, without unnecessary extravagance, allowing successfully for years to exist in any interior.

  • Styling podąża za najnowszymi trendami wyposażenia przestrzeni biurowych. Mebel jest jasny i lekki

  • Appearance IN is versatile and can successfully equip the individual and collective workplace, “open space” and “home office”


  • frame – closed steel precision steel profile . Color options: white (light hammer structure), aluminum RAL 9006 (the structure of sand)

  • countertops, cabinets, chests of drawers, wood-based materials – melamine plate, the structure of the office (smooth or slightly mottled, no jars) – a choice of about 17 decors


  • Single or double desks, there is also the possibility of compiling them in series, in such a way that users are sitting next to each other.

  • Access to the wiring under the top of the single desk and a set of serial held by the repeal of the horizontal cable duct at the front desk. In the case of bench-type solutions, there is a wide channel cable access through hinged flap in the counter. This solution does not requireto bend down under the desk to connect the devices.

  • ORGANIZER wraz z biurkiem tworzy dodatkowe możliwości, które zdecydowanie rozszerzają funkcjonalność i poprawiają ergonomikę pracy

    The kit includes:

    - horizontal cable channel for single desk and sets for multiusers sets of desks

    - horizontal cable channel, dual desks of “bench”

    - flexible vertical cable channel, a “backbone” to bring the wiring from the top to the floor

    - the base for a variety of functional accessories is the frame construction consisting of vertical bars mounted on the multifunction terminal on the top of desk (for bench-type solutions) or terminal “grip type” for individual desks. Multifunctional strip is also used to mount the wall separating the two jobs

    - between the vertical studs are screwed horizontal slats that have oblong holes for mounting accessories. Two high uprights make it possible to install the vertical bars, at 5 different levels, small one has 3 levels. The system also has a version of the horizontal slats that can be screwed directly to the intermediate partition, giving the possibility of using the Organizer accessories without uprights.


    - adjustable (2D or 3D) monitor’s arm

    - vertical holder for A4 printed materials

    - 2 horizontal shelf for A4 printed materials

    - pen holder

    - the wall between the desktop with plexiglas, or a plate with upholstered insert


    - the possibility of adjusting the height of the countertop to the individual characteristics of the user, in the range of 66 – 80cm

    - thanks to the skillful combination of system components release space on the countertop, and paper materials migrate into trays mounted on the Organizer’s frame.

    - the ability to freely adjust the height of the monitor in order to adapt to the user.

    - the ability to freely adjust the monitor left / right

    - the ability to set the monitor position in relation to the line monitor – the user‘s eyes, in order to eliminate any reflections.

    - the ability to set the distance of the monitor from the user’s eyes